Meninist sparks hilarity after demanding women on their periods should 'control their bladders'
Twitter/Ryan Williams

A meninist has sparked outrage after demanding women “control their bladders” in a row over the Tampon tax.

Ryan Williams took to Twitter to share his bizarre views on female anatomy and menstruation.

The 19-year-old, who insists he has a girlfriend, thinks tampons “should not be free” and periods are “not the taxpayers problem”.

People were quick to point out the rather obvious problem with his take on how periods work.

Since sharing his views, his original tweet has been shared more then 3,000 times, mostly by people utterly baffled by the photography student's knowledge of biology.

He also claims to have received death threats from "so many crazy women".

Mr Williams continued to shoot himself in the foot on Twitter with ever more outlandish takes on the Tampon tax.

He has now launched a GoFundMe page called "Stop the Blob" where he hopes to raise £1,000 to "afford biology lessons".

The self-proclaimed "politics expert and Brexit campaigner" claims to want to understand "more about women's periods" and "why they get so aggressive".

Mr Williams even launched a Twitter poll asking if tampons should really be free.

The results, unsurprisingly, were not what he would have hoped for.

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