Mexico has built a wall, but definitely not the one Donald Trump hoped for

One of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's flagship policies (ha!) is the building of a physical wall on the US' southern border to stop "Mexican rapists" entering the country.

A big, beautiful, powerful wall.

While the logistics remain impossible, and the logic baffling, people in Tijuana have decided to interpret the idea their own way, building their own 'beautiful' wall instead:

The mural 'We Are All Migrants by Mode Orozco and his family shows people from around the world who have heritages that cross borders - including Donald Trump, whose mother is Scottish.

The butterflies symbolise movement.

Mode said of his work:

I'm just trying to show we can all be here together. Like here on the wall: we're all together and nothing happens. We're all different, yeah, but we're all humans, and we can work together.

Check out the anti-Trump wall in the great AJ+ video below:

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