Michael Cohen's explosive testimony before Congress on Wednesday felt like one of the most momentous occasions in the Trump presidency so far.

The president's ex-lawyer detailed several shocking revelations of his ten years working for Trump which contained accounts of racism, fraud, Wikileaks and potential collision with Russia.

Amongst the very serious nature of these revelations, the internet managed to find a way to create some levity from the situation and it came courtesy of an exchange between Cohen and Rep. Jackie Speier.

The representative from California's 14 congressional district asked Cohen how many times Trump had asked him to threaten an individual or entity on his behalf.

Speier pressed Cohen by asking if it was "100 times?" Cohen said "more." Speier asked if it was "200 times?" Cohen once again said "more." When she then asked "500 times?" Cohen replied with "probably."

Lo and behold a meme was born with people adding in different subjects to suggest how many times they might have watched something and I think you'll all agree that it is a very, very funny meme.

There were plenty of movie and tv references.

As well as music nods.

Sports references were aplenty too.

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