Michael Gove is being laughed at for that thumbs up photo with Donald Trump

Louis Dor
Monday 16 January 2017 12:15

Michael Gove has scooped the rest of UK journalism by getting the first UK interview with Donald Trump.

As has been pointed out, he's paid £150,000 per eight hour week by the Times, so you'd hope he would produce this kind of thing.

The interview itself is slightly strange. It reads like a love letter to demagoguery interspersed with stream of consciousness cliché-riddled insanity.

However, it's done it's job and has provided news lines that have captivated news outlets for at least another 24 hours. Good job Mr. Gove, we guess.

Even better, in many respects, is this photo.

The reaction to the photo, specifically, hasn't been all that kind...

During the interview Donald Trump labelled Brexit "a great thing", called Nato "obsolete" and forecasted the break up of the European Union.

You can read the full interview transcript in the Times here.

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