Michael Gove, who led the Leave campaign back in 2016, admitted that a no-deal Brexit could make food more expensive.

Yes, the man who joined Boris Johnson to become a key figurehead of Vote Leave and who repeatedly controversially claimed that an additional £350m a week would be spent on the NHS if the UK left the EU, went on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show this morning to say that leaving without a deal "would impose additional costs on food production".

When asked by Marr whether food prices in the UK will go up in the event of a no-deal, Gove responded:

I think there is a risk of that, yes. The friction that would follow leaving without a deal would impose additional costs on food production. That is why it is so important that we secure a deal.

When Marr confronted him and asked:

When was that ever discussed during the referendum campaign?

Gove, who earlier this year said that Leave would win a second referendum by a bigger margin than in 2016, said:

I think you’re mixing up two things. The first thing is we’re talking about what might happen in the event of no-deal. During the referendum campaign, we were always arguing for a deal.

Many people were quick to point out that there were never any plans to begin with during the referendum.

In a letter to the public explaining his decision to join Vote Leave in 2016, Gove wrote:

I believe our country would be freer, fairer and better off outside the EU. And if, at this moment of decision, I didn’t say what I believe I would not be true to my convictions or my country

Maybe it's time we really do start stockpiling!

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