Led by Donkeys have upped their game so much that they've now created a portrait of Michael Gove that is visible from space.

The gigantic picture was drawn into the sand on Redcar Beach, North Yorkshire, and it features a quote from the cabinet minister from the 2016 EU referendum in which he said that the UK:

didn’t vote to leave without a deal.

In a tweet, the group wrote:

Our unelected Prime Minister is suspending Parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit that the Leave campaign leader admits nobody voted for.

Johnson & Gove want us to forgot that fact. So we made it visible from Space.(Quote source: Daily Mail 11/3/19)

Despite writing this in a column in March, Mr Gove has since backed Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament, reports the Huffington Post.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Mr Gove said:

Let’s see what the legislation says.

You’re asking me about a pig in a poke. And I will wait to see what legislation the opposition may try to bring forward.

He added:

For me, the most important thing is to bear in mind actually, we already have legislation in place which an overwhelming majority of MPs voted for.

We already have an EU Withdrawal Act, we already have the notice on Article 50, the process by which we leave the EU.

His comments were delivered just days before another pivotal week in the commons, where opponents of a no-deal Brexit are looking to seize control of parliament in order to delay Brexit beyond October 31.

HT Huffington Post

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