Anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys launch campaign to fund ‘honest’ no-deal adverts

Anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys launch campaign to fund ‘honest’ no-deal adverts

Anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys have returned to crowdfund “honest” no-deal Brexit adverts to counter Boris Johnson’s £100m “public information campaign”.

Johnson is reportedly prepared to spend £100m on advertisements designed to inform the public on the consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

Critics have called the plan a propaganda campaign to mislead the public and normalise a chaotic exit from the European Union.

That’s why Led By Donkeys have set up their own adverts featuring warnings given by Johnson’s cabinet ministers, such as Michael Gove, over the past three years.

For example, here's a comforting warning from health secretary Matt Hancock.

The campaign has already raised more than £18,000 of its £50,000 crowdfunding target (as of this morning).

This is what Led By Donkeys had to say about their work:

The last time Johnson and Gove ran an advertising campaign it was littered with lies, like their NHS red bus nonsense. Now they’re planning to spend tens of millions of pounds of our money on another propaganda push.

Ministers fear a crash out No Deal Brexit could cause job losses, shortages of fresh food and medicine, an increase in organised crime and even death.

We’re letting the public know because Johnson and Gove won’t.

On Saturday, The Telegraph reported that Michael Gove will launch a “rapid rebuttal unit” to pushback against negative stories about the risks of no deal.

The proposal was called a “no-deal spin unit” and “a pointless waste of taxpayers’ money” by Labour’s Jon Trickett.

Will the Led By Donkeys campaign help stop Johnson pursuing a no-deal exit?

It’s best to not get your hopes up...

But at least "Jackie Swearalot" is excited about it.

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