Michael Jackson’s lawyer speaks out about Leaving Neverland documentary

Michael Jackson's lawyer, who represented him during his 2005 trail for child molestation, has spoken out about the controversial documentaryLeaving Neverland, saying that it included footage that was "taken out of context".

Mark Geragos makes an appearance in the second part of the film, which shows archive footage of a press conference, in which the lawyer says that Jackson's accusers are "seeking money" and that people who believe them are "living in their own Neverland".

But now, the lawyer is saying that his comments weren't even directed at the accusers, but were in relation to a totally different case.

According to Geragos the case involved a private jet firm company, Xtrajet, being found guilty of secretly filming Jackson and Geragos, while they traveled onboard a flight to Las Vegas, where the singer would hand himself into police.

Taking to Twitter, the lawyer called out the director, Dan Reed, saying that he now has a "cause of action".

The full press conference can be seen below.

Jackson and his lawyer ended up reaching a settlement for $2.5m with the owners of the now-defunct Xtrajet.


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