Michael Sheen donates £5,000 to help parents adapt home for disabled boy

Michael Sheen donates £5,000 to help parents adapt home for disabled boy
Four-year-old son Louis, who was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A (Charlotte Perrin/PA)
PA Media - Charlotte Perrin

The parents of a disabled four-year-old have had a “lovely” start to the week after receiving a £5,000 donation from actor Michael Sheen to adapt their home.

Aaron and Charlotte Perrin’s son, Louis, was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A, which causes him to have painful leg spasms, limited mobility, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

They are in the process of adapting their home in Wrexham to cater for Louis’ needs, and have set up a JustGiving page to raise the £40,000 required to do so.

Louis Perrin\u2019s parents receive a donationCharlotte Perrin and her four-year-old son, Louis (Charlotte Perrin/PA)PA Media - Charlotte Perrin

Wrexham Police FC – which is made up of members of North Wales Police who play off-duty – will play in a charity football match against North Wales Dragons on March 23, and has set up a separate JustGiving page, which is linked to the family’s main page.

On Sunday, the team’s page received a £5,000 donation from Welsh actor Sheen, who starred in the Twilight movie franchise and TV shows Good Omens and Staged.

The WayMichael Sheen made a £5,000 donation to a fundraising page aimed at helping the parents of a disabled boy adapt their home (Ian West/PA)PA Archive/PA Images - Ian West

Mrs Perrin, 32, who works in the emergency services, told the PA news agency: “How generous of Michael Sheen to do that. What a lovely way to start the week.

“We are so close to Louis’ target now, and plan on getting the work for his extension started by April.

“We never in a million years thought it would happen this quick.”

She also praised the “sheer determination” from the couple’s friends, family and colleagues, as well as those who have donated.

Sheen posted about the fundraiser on his X account: “I’ve #justsponsored Wrexham Police FC, who’s fundraising for Just4children on @JustGiving. Donate now.”

The comment he left alongside the donation read: “Very best wishes to the whole family.”

Donation signMichael Sheen donation on JustGiving (Screengrab)

Sgt Dave Smith, 37, who is part of Wrexham Police FC, told PA: “We’d like to thank Michael Sheen for his incredibly generous donation.

“His support will help make a real difference for Louis and his family, we’re truly grateful.”

The family also received a donation to their main fundraising page from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney – the celebrity owners of Wrexham AFC – earlier in the month.

Group standing togetherDave Smith, third from the left on the back row, said the support from Michael Sheen will make a ‘real difference’ for the family (Wrexham Police FC/PA)

Mr Perrin, 32, who is a headteacher, told PA at the time: “We were totally blown away by their generosity really; we were just in shock.”

The £40,000 is to be used to fit a downstairs bedroom with an attached wet room and raise the level in the garden to make it easier for Louis to move from the home to the garden, among other things.

The family fundraising page can be accessed here:

Wrexham Police FC’s fundraising page can be found here:

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