Hundreds of people receive tax refund cheques signed by Mickey Mouse
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Nearly 200 people in Rhode Island received tax refund cheques signed by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

The cheques should have been signed by the state treasurers and controller but bore the names of the iconic Disney duo by mistake.

According to the Department of Revenue's chief of staff Jade Borgeson, the error came about because of a 'technical glitch' in the Division of Taxation's refund printing system that affected 176 cheques.

The names used for a printing test were accidentally copied onto the documents rather than the names of state treasurer Seth Magaziner and controller Peter Keenan.

The cheques, the majority of which were corporate funds, were voided and cannot be deposited.

But still, receiving one of these must have been slightly surreal...

Taxpayers will receive their correct cheques within a week.

Hopefully this time they'll be a little bit less goofy.

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