We regret to inform you that Mike Bloomberg tried to shake a dog’s mouth

Nicole Sganga/Twitter

When walking into a big, professional meeting, it's pretty important that you treat everyone in the room with the same level of respect.

That means saying hello, making eye contact, shaking hands...or in presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's case, shaking a dog's mouth.

Yep, you heard that right. He just strolled on up to a dog and...shook its entire head.

Now, while the action was a bit weird, the dog seems pretty happy.

He's wagging his tail and trying to get more fuss from Mike Bloomberg, which he delivers after he realises his weird mistake.

While some people are pointing out the oddness of his decision, others apparently think it's a-ok and very normal to shake a dog's entire head.

"ok but my Great Dane would love this," said one. Another added, "That's called playing, not nose shaking. Lol. At least he likes dogs,"

People are divided, with others saying that they'd be furious if someone did that to their dog.

However, no matter how odd the gesture seems, it's clear the dog isn't that mad about it, and that's what really counts.

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