Mike Pence gave a brief speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention on Monday and unveiled a new slogan for the administration, which didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Trump's well-known slogan of "Make America Great Again" will arguably go down in history as something that they endlessly rabbited on about but arguably failed to deliver upon.

However, Pence seems determined to make the slogan stick at least once as he now wants to do it all over again. Speaking at the convention, he said:

We’re gonna make America great again, again

Yes, that's really what the vice president said without any sense of irony or consideration of how bad this would make him and Trump look.

Trump has been repeating the phrase "Keep America Great" during this campaign but it seems Pence doesn't like that or feels that there is much more to make great.

Whether this new phrase will turn things in Trump's favour remains to be seen but Trump is still said to be behind Joe Biden in most major polls.

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