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A recent map uploaded to a popular mapping subreddit looked at attitudes to homosexuality in Eastern Europe among millennials.

The map drew attention mostly due to the proportion, of a supposedly more progressive generation, who viewed it as unacceptable in modern society.

The data is taken from Pew Research Centre data from a 2015 social attitudes survey.

Here's a range of data for all age groups in other countries around the world, for a more global perspective:

People commented asking for comparisons with data to gay porn traffic in Pornhub's data and also made this point:

Remove this before Czechs see themselves being labeled as eastern Europe lol.

Datasets such as these have often found links between social attitude trends and religiosity in a country.

The Pew study also found that in the Central and Eastern European countries surveyed, a majority of adults in the 12 countries agreed with the statement:

Women have a responsibility to society to bear children.

In addition, when asked whether various behaviours are morally acceptable, morally wrong or “not a moral issue”, a majority in these countries believed that drug use, prostitution and homosexual behaviour are morally wrong, while fewer adults say this about abortion, drinking alcohol, premarital sex, divorce or using contraceptives.

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