Millennial women say suggestion they are 'ashamed' of earning more than their male partners is 'laughable'

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Millennial women said it's 'laughable' that they feel 'ashamed' and 'worried' by earning more than their male partners.

According to a 2017 study conducted by Refinary 29, and then picked up by CNBC, a high percentage of millennial women feel just that.

In 2015, for example, 38 per cent of American women made more than their male partners, but many of them felt conflicted about earning more than their husbands.

The study also reported that the University of Chicago found that a wife making even $5,000 more than her husband was associated with a greater divorce rate.

Ashley C Ford, who conducted the original research, noticed the article was doing the rounds again.

Some thought some women would find it 'unacceptable' for their male partners to earn less then them.

Many were simply shocked by the study's findings.

Many pointed out that if their man was worried about their female partners earning more, then they wouldn't be their man.

Some men got on board with the idea, too.

And one Twitter user just pointed out the obvious.

With a recent study suggesting that by the time you're 35 you should have saved twice your salary sparking hilarious memes online, we can empathise.

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