Millennials are watching James Bond movies and noticing a huge problem

You Only Live Twice

James Bond is one of the most iconic and enduring examples of suave manhood that exists in cinema, however, people are re-watching the films and noticing a few uncomfortable truths when it comes to consent.

This may sound like sacrilege to some fans, but a re-watching of the 26 movies will confirm this.

YouTuber GuruKid whose videos err towards the comedic, compiled ‘inappropriate’ scenes from different James Bond movies.

Like this scene, in which James Bond smacks his female partner’s derriere before telling her to leave because “man talk”

Picture:Picture: A True Gentleman screengrab 

And this scene in Thunderball where Bond forces a kiss on a woman

Picture:Picture: Thunderball screengrab 

And this scene, also in Thunderball, where Bond walks in – uninvited – to a room where a woman is bathing. When she asks him to hand her something to put on, he gives her shoes.

Picture:Picture: Thunderball screengrab 

And this scene, in Diamonds are Forever, where he forcefully removes a woman’s bikini top and then strangles her with it

Picture:Picture: Diamonds Are Forever screengrab 

People are infuriated.

However, not everyone agrees

Of the video, GuruKid said:

The video is a joke. I didn't think people would take it so seriously. They're taken out of context because it's part of the joke. I didn't mean for it to be used as part of some agenda. It's just a look back at old Bond moments that wouldn't go down so well today. They're "inappropriate" by today's standards.

Here's the compilation - you can decide for yourself:

(spoiler alert: James Bond is creepy. Sorry guys).

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