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A southern Missouri teacher has apologised for a “lapse of judgment” after allowing a ninth grade school child to dress up as a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

According to Poplar Bluff district superintendent Scott Dill, the student dressed as a Klansman to play a villain in a skit about voter suppression during a presentation and the fifteenth amendment, which awarded the vote to black men.

Dill said the teacher, who has now been suspended, didn’t know that the student planned to dress as a Klansman.

Obviously this was a poor choice, a terrible choice for the teacher to allow this to happen.

There is no place for this in our public school or any place in society.

A photo of the student dressed as a Klansman soon began circulating on social media. Though Dill did not say whether the child was disciplined, an apology letter was sent out to students and parents. It reads:

Because of my lapse in judgment, many of you were hurt and felt uncomfortable.

I never wanted that to happen. I think of my classes as my family, and I would never intentionally offend or hurt any of you.

In the wake of the incident, the district is considering providing students and teachers with diversity training. Dill said:

We tried to turn it into a learning experience for our school and to talk about the powerful context of some symbols

From this terrible circumstance, our goal is that we grow and learn.

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