Donald Trump rode a golf cart 700 yards instead of walking with world leaders

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Trump's been on his first foreign trip as President in the last week and it's been eventful.

He touched an orb in Saudi Arabia, met the Pope and became a meme, got snubbed by Macron and pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

The final leg of his trip was the G7 summit in Sicily, where he met the leaders of Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

The other six world leaders managed to play nicely posing for a group photo in front of their respective flags after a brief walk.

Trump was late - because he couldn't manage to walk 700 yards (that's about a third of a mile or 640 metres) to take the photo.

He waited for a golf cart and rode down to join the others.

The news has led to an interesting edited version of the leaders.

The photo was taken shortly before Trump refused to pledge his support of the Paris climate deal - the only country in the group of seven not to.

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