People are making the 'Momo challenge' less scary and using it to spread positivity

The so-called 'Momo challenge' has been causing moral panic amongst British parents and the UK media this week over fear that the image is targetting children.

The image of a Japanese sculpture named 'Mother Bird' is allegedly being spread on platforms such as WhatsApp and YouTube with the supposed intention of causing children to commit malicious acts.

YouTube has denied that they are hosting videos of the strange image which is starting to sound more and more like an elaborate internet hoax, as reports of the image causing harm are completely unverified.

However, this hasn't stopped the police and schools issuing warnings to parents and now the image of the sculpture is almost inescapable on social media, with the subject even being brought up in the Commons and dismissed as a hoax.

To counteract the negativity surrounding the image, folks on Twitter are flipping it on its head, giving Momo a makeover and using it as a meme to spread some positivity on the internet, which is sorely needed even at the best of times.

Elsewhere people are mocking Momo by claiming that is isn't scary at all.

HT Daily Dot

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