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Being clever isn’t about being able to speak fluent Latin or solve all those real life examples of algebra that we’re faced with in everyday life.

The highest form of intelligence, according to Forbes writer Bruce Kasanoff, is having good instinct – what he describes as that “bad feeling gnawing away at you”.

But this instinct needs to be honed, Kasanoff writes, by being curious and seeking to educate yourself.

He writes:

You might say that I'm a believer in the power of disciplined intuition. Do your legwork, use your brain, share logical arguments, and I'll trust and respect your intuitive powers.

But if you merely sit in your hammock and ask me to trust your intuition, I'll quickly be out the door without saying goodbye.

I say this from personal experience; the more research I do, the better my intuition works.

Smart people, Kasanoff states, listen to their intuition, and go against what their rational mind is saying – but that it’s important to “harness the power of intuition”.

This is done through testing it, and informing it.

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