Morrisons has turned down checkout beeps out of respect for the Queen

Morrisons has turned down checkout beeps out of respect for the Queen
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As the world mourns the devastating news of the Queen's death, companies have since implemented their own "marks of respect" for the longest reigning monarch.

Some gestures are rather unique – and have left people with mixed feelings about whether they're genuine or not. Take Norwich City Council, for instance, which closed a bike rack for 12 days during the royal period of mourning.

Wetherspoons also left social media scratching their heads when a Twitter user shared an alleged "toilet notice" online, said to be halting the sales of vending machine condoms to mourn the Queen. Thankfully, the British pub immediately shut down rumours, simply calling them "fake" to Indy100.

Now, a supermarket shopper has shared their confusion on a recent trip to Morrison's on Saturday.

In a viral Reddit post, the person highlighted longer queues than usual, which they claimed to be a result of the checkout beeps, or lack thereof.

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However, Morrisons told Indy100 that their supermarkets haven't completely turned off the checkout sounds. Instead, they confirmed they have lowered the volume and switched off tannoy announcements in stores.

Inevitably, the post had already made its way onto Twitter, and the platform had already done its thing...

Others who had visited the supermarket said they hadn't noticed anything different. One said: "I did my shopping on Morrisons on Saturday (and the stuff I forgot on Sunday) and both times the beep worked as normal. Sounds like someone is taking the Michael."

While another tweeted, "I was in a Morrisons today and never noticed anything different. Then again, I wasn't really paying much attention to the beeps."

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