<p>Mother takes to online forum to share  ‘regrets’ over daughter’s name. </p>

Mother takes to online forum to share ‘regrets’ over daughter’s name.

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A mother took to an internet forum to share her regrets over her daughter’s “skanky” name.

“I don’t know what to do,” the woman wrote on Mumsnet, a popular forum for mothers. “It’s gradually been eating away at me for the past 6 months.”

The woman declined to reveal the name, for fear of backlash, but shared that it’s an “it’s an unusual ‘nature’ name and mostly used for a boy.”

Readers, impressively, managed to narrow it down to a few - including two front-runners.

“I’ve got it into my head that it’s too much of a try-hard name,” she wrote, adding that the name is “a bit skanky!”Users made their own guesses at the name, with River and Rowan being the most popular guesses within the thread.

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“If it’s River, OP, that’s a gorgeous name and not skanky or try hard,” one parent commented.

“I also assumed River or Rowan as they’re the main nature names I can think of that are more male but also used for girls. I think both of them are much nicer for girls if I’m honest,” said another.

One parent, however, stated that she deeply regretted naming her daughter Rowan and that she wishes she would’ve gone with a more “classic” name.

Another stated that nature names are not timeless, and will be the “Heather and Keith” of the future.

Other mothers asked if she was doing okay, and that the name fixation could be a symptom of Post Partum Depression.

The mum confirmed that the name had been guessed, but still declined to specify. Instead, she wrote that the few negative comments had let her know that she had, in fact, made the wrong choice.

“I’m at the point where I don’t like telling people what her name is. It’s not that she doesn’t suit it - it’s other peoples opinions (which is silly I know) and more so how I feel about the name, how it will age with her, how popular the name will become in the future etc. I thought the name made me feel a certain way...but it really makes me feel the opposite and now I’m thinking I should have picked a more timeless classy name.”

The mom added that she feels like she’s let her daughter down by “not giving this huge decision enough care and thought.”

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