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This woman has just been found guilty of stealing her own son and his wife's wedding gifts - the trope of the terrible mother-in-law was never more potent.

Her son and daughter-in-law, despite living in western Austria, got married in her native Turkey.

Traditionally at Turkish weddings, guests give newlyweds gold as a wedding gift, usually coins or jewellery or the like. In fact, the couple received wedding gifts to the tune of 20,000 euros in value.

The couple entrusted the gold to her and she said she would bring it back to Austria and keep it safe for them.

Fast forward two years, and the couple are getting a divorce. They amicably agree to split their buried treasure.

There's just one problem. The mother decided to play dumb and pretend she'd never had it in the first place

The case went to court, where the truth emerged that the woman had embezzled the gold. She was fined 1,200 euros.

The judge said he had never come across a case where so many of the witnesses had lied, and there were so many family feuds.

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