Mother demands $120 tablet for her kids because her Secret Santa ‘didn’t spend enough’ on her

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If someone spent $30 (£23.63)on your Secret Santa present, you'd feel pretty happy about it, right?

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one mother who demanded a $120 tablet because her co-worker bought her a gift below a $50 spending limit.

A Reddit user, who didn’t name the woman, posted the exchange online with the title “Honestly didn’t believe people like this actually existed. Why do a lot of them seem to be middle-aged women with kids?”

The exchange starts off friendly with the mother thanking him for buying her chocolates and a blanket, but she quickly gets to the real motive behind the message.

She wrote:

So…I know this is kinda awkward..but the spending limit was $50 and I looked online and it seems that the blanket and chocolates only add up to about $30?

Do you think it’s possible you could get me something else? My kids have been spending me up the wazoo! LOL

Her co-worker then offered to give her $20 to help buy her kids “something nice for the holidays”, but his offer was quickly ignored.

Instead, the mother asked for a Galaxy Tab A tablet and suggested her co-worker, who works as an engineer, was being ungenerous because he already earns more money than her.

The co-worker refused again, while still offering to give her $20, and got an angry response.

She wrote:

You're kidding me right? You don’t even have kids… what else would you spend your money on?

And after waiting just three minutes for a reply, added:

Now you’re gonna ignore me… REAL nice of you! During the holidays!

Honestly don’t know how you live with yourself. Disgusting!

Reddit users agreed she was out-of-order for asking so much from him.

“DeeDeeInDC” wrote:

“Ella1570” agreed:

Other users thought he had been too polite by offering at first to pay her $20.

More importantly, how did she get away with saying “spending me up the wazoo” twice?

The moral of the story is simple. When the mother finally gave up and said she'd just take the $20, her co-worker told her to "forget it".

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