It's almost Christmas.

While for most of us that means a cheeky mince pie at lunchtime, for the MP Peter Bone it means wearing a brightly coloured woolly hat in the House of Commons.

Bone donned the stripey number - tassels included – for charity.

The Conservative MP for Wellingborough told the Commons:

Tomorrow is local charities day and we will all have very good local charities in our constituency.

Mine is Crazy Hats, which is run by Glennis Hooper and a group of dedicated volunteers.

They've raised over £2million by people wearing crazy hats and they spend that money on breast cancer in Northamptonshire.

But speaker John Bercow wasn't impressed. He said:

I indulged the honourable gentleman for the duration of his question but I'm glad he's now taken that hat off.

I sincerely hope he won't put it on again - preferably at any time but certainly not in the House. 

Apparently it’s against parliamentary rules to wear a hat in the Commons. Whoops.

But Bone told indy100:

Crazy Hats is an amazing local charity, raising £2 million to support Breast Cancer victims in Northamptonshire.

They need a bigger premise for a haven to support patients and their families. I hope people will go to and give generously. The speaker had to tell me off, but he delayed it until I had made my point.

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