MSNBC just released list of 'Democrats to watch' in 2020 presidential race. There's just one problem

MSNBC screengrab

MSNBC recently released a summary of all the potential White House candidates who hadn’t gone into the Democratic primary race just yet.

All 15 of the chosen contenders were white men.

No women. No non-white candidates.

Here’s a graphic to show you we’re not joking.

What’s more embarrassing for the network is that the candidates for the upcoming election feature more women and minorities than ever before.

The graphic doesn’t feature any of the confirmed candidates, such as senator Kamala Harris, senator Cory Brooker or Julian Catro, to give a few names.

In fact, they missed them all out, and opted for an all-male, all white cast.

The list they went with includes former vice president Joe Biden, 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders and Texas representative Beto O’Rourke.

People took to Twitter to criticise the network for its distinctly uninspired list.

Part of the reason people were annoyed is the list of confirmed candidates are incredibly diverse - so why had MSNBC chosen this infographic?

There are five woman, two black candidates, one Latino and a practising Hindu who have confirmed their candidacy.

Also, the title of the infograph is misleading, as the men who they chose to display are potential candidates who had not (yet) announced their intention to run.

There were others who defended MSNBC, arguing that they'd simply shown a list of men who had expressed an interest in running.

It didn't go down well at all.

Twitter user @Bravewriting wrote: "With 3 qualified women, and 2 men of color in the race, MSNBC looked high and low...To find every nondescript white male Democrat (whose name we never learned because who gives a f***) and tell us how hip they are. Also Beto. Because women went extinct after Hillary lost."

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