Kenny G played jazz in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's house for Valentine's Day and the internet thought it was hilarious

What did you do for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Take them out for a nice meal? Watch a romantic film? Cry yourself to sleep, at home, alone?

Such basic displays of love and affection are clearly not sufficient to Kanye West, who decided he would rope in 90s saxophone sensation Kenny G to play to Kim Kardashian in their living room.

It wasn't just any old living room either. No, it was filled with precariously placed individual roses in separate vases that surrounded Kenny has he belted out some bars of jazz.

Being incredibly rich and famous must be WILD.

This elaborate display from Kanye which Kim, shared on Thursday evening, soon went viral - and people couldn't quite comprehend what they were seeing.

The biggest question people had was how did Kenny get in the room and how did he get out?

Which horror movie did it remind you of?

Too much money really does send people a little mad doesn't it?

Still, Kanye looked pretty pleased with himself and Kim probably loved it, so who are we to criticise?

HT Daily Dot

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