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Hollywood actor, Trump supporter and serial tweeter of bad takes James Woods is known for spouting some pretty awful stuff online - especially jibes aimed at the LGBT+ community.

In September 2017, the 71-year-old had lashed out at a fictional book for including two gay characters. Now, he's trying to get his head around pronouns.

According to Woods, a person cannot use the pronoun 'they' as it is plural. In his divine wisdom, the only acceptable pronouns are 'he' or 'she'. He blames the increased use of 'they' on 'hare-brained liberals'.

Many people were quick to pile on Woods for this completely misguided and ignorant tweet, but the best came from the serial trollers, the dictionary.

Known for taking everyone from Donald Trump to Kylie Jenner apart, the dictionary tore Woods to shreds by telling him that 'they' has been used as a pronoun since the 1300s and has been used by the literary greats like William Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

As you can imagine, people were very happy to see this expert takedown of a bigoted comment.

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