12-year-old boy has perfect response as mum tries to convince him to get baptised


Those of us that grew up with religious parents probably remember being extensively probed by them while growing up.

When being questioned about your spirituality, there was often a casual leading question before the conversation would gradually escalate into intrusiveness.

Sometimes, to avoid disagreements between generations, some mental gymnastics was required to get out of awkward conversations.

A hilarious tweet has summed up this struggle, which so many kids can relate to who grew up in religious households.

Twitter user Kiara Jeanine’s mum wanted to know if her son fully understood the spiritual implications of being baptised, so he knew what he was getting himself into.

The general tone of the conversation implied that he knows something, but not quite enough to embark on being baptised quite yet.

People online related to this sentiment and quickly the memes and reaction began to flood in.

Though once the laughter died down, people did show some appreciation to his mum for not forcing her ideas on him and listening to see if he was ready, rather than forcing her own views and expectations on him.

Regardless of whether he decides to be baptised or not, it’s up to him, which is the most important lesson of this touching tale.

H/T: Someecards

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