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A rumoured secret Nasa project went viral in 2017 involving an 'all female' colony setting up on the planet Mars.

The unconfirmed plan suggested that humankind would one day witness the first woman on Mars โ€“ achieved in part due to an all-female crew, who would cooperate better than a male or mixed one.

According to Britain's first astronaut Helen Sharman, Nasa considered a strict gender divide on long-haul missions in order to maximise productivity and cohesion.

Mail Online reported that the idea behind it was to stop the astronauts from having sex on the one and a half year journey to Mars (erm...)

You see the issue here, right?

Mail Online quoted Sharman's words at the New Scientist Live conference, in which she claimed that Nasa had also investigated 'impure thoughts' in space.

She said she had not seen the report itself, but that it had allegedly been filed in the past.

Nasa has never released it, but it was done to see exactly the kind of crew makeup was necessary for the reason we have already alluded to.

It found that the crew should be the same gender: all men or all women.

According to Sharman, it was found that women would be the better choice for a single sex team, because there were less likely to fight over the leadership and would generally work better as a team.

A similar joke about female cooperation was made when it was announced there would be an all-female remake of Lord of the Flies.

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