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Today, of all days, is National Hugging Day.

If only we could move it to another day when we really need a hug. Like, when something big and scary happens.

Maybe when, just hypothetically speaking, someone quite worrying becomes president of the United States. Or something like that.

But for some reason, people are really feeling National Hugging Day.

Despite everything being just fine and dandy with the world, it looks like we all need a hug.

Some people are ready for a long day:

And then it got a bit intense:

Others are sending their well wishes out into the world in the only way they know... Via cat memes:

Although, some cats don't seem so enthusiastic about today:

Or Ed Miliband:

But it turns out we're really in need of some cuddles today:

Even Michelle Obama has been handing them out to Melania Trump:

Well, most of us are embracing today, anyway:

But if you don't get many hugs today, don't worry - it's also Squirrel Appreciation Day today.

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