Introducing #18for2018 - The New Year's Resolution that anyone can do

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Let's be honest, how many of us have ever actually stuck to our New Year's Resolutions?

The problem with New Year's Resolutions is that they are often huge and impossible tasks that we have set for ourselves and after a few short weeks we'll probably abandon them.

Doing things like losing weight, changing your diet or quitting a particularly bad habit are tasks which can take months to perfect.

More often than not they'll make you feel bad before you feel better and you rarely get any instant satisfaction from them.

An alternative to the epic resolutions that we make every year has been dreamed up by American author and self-help guru Gretchen Rubin.

Rather than setting yourself one or two big goals #18for2018 involves you selecting 18 smaller and more realistic challenges that you are far more likely to achieve.

Rubin first introduced the idea on her podcast and has listed a few of the goals she is aiming for. They include:

  • Fix my phone headset, which keeps running out of battery.
  • Set up a home studio for my Facebook show "Ask Gretchen Rubin Live" with better lighting.
  • Clean out my massive canvas tote bag collection.

Since introducing the idea, Rubin's idea has taken off and many people on Twitter and Instagram have been sharing their #18for2018 lists.

In case you fancy giving this a go and need a little inspiration here 18 that might give you a few ideas:

1. Read more

Be it books, comics, newspapers, essays or online articles.

2. Eat more healthily

We aren't suggesting that you become a vegan overnight but perhaps try cutting down on burgers and pizzas a little.

3. Try to cook more

Unless you are a culinary wizard cooking can be a real drag but learning a few new simple recipes can transform your feelings towards the kitchen in just a few hours.

4. Travel

Experiencing and appreciating different cultures is the best way to enlighten ourselves and experience the world we live in and there is no better way of doing that than travelling.

5. Learn a new language

This one isn't likely to be easy but there are plenty of language apps and websites out there that will help you on your way to learning a new dialect or just a few words every day. Baby steps.

6. Take a course

Have you ever had a passion that you just didn't have the time to explore or the means to do so? Why not take a course in it and kick-start that one dream you've always had?

7. Help charities

It can be by giving money to those in need or volunteering your services, contributing to charity is a reward that more than just one person will appreciate.

8. Be more active

We know that physical activity isn't everyone's bag but it doesn't have to involve running a marathon every week. Little things like walking or taking the stairs can make small but beneficial differences.

9. Limit your time spent on the internet

We realise that you are reading this on the internet, so this point is kind of counterintuitive, but logging off everyone once in a while a spending time with real people will do you the world of good.

10. Learn a musical instrument

You might not think of yourself as being musically gifted but you never know until you try. Even if it's just the triangle or the recorder at least you'll have added a new string to your skill set.

11. Make your own lunch

We all know that the high street offers a whole host of options at lunchtime these days but think of how much money you would save if you made your own sandwiches or salads. Plus, you'll always be eating exactly what you want.

12. Drink more water

Not only is water good for hydration it will also improve your complexion and make your skin better. Plus, it's bound to be better than a bottle of coke every day.

13. Drink less caffeine

Yes, caffeine is a wonderful stimulant that will kick your day off with a bang but we all know that too much of it is awful for you, so why not reel back your intake by a mug or two.

14. Drink less alcohol

Sorry to be a bore on the drinking front but everyone secretly wishes that they could cut down their alcohol consumption.

15. D.I.Y

This could involve anything. Painting the spare room, putting up shelves or ripping up the old carpet. Plus, it's better than paying someone money to do it for you.

16. Go outside once a day

We know how easy it can be to laze around the house on your day off but no matter the weather, you should go outside and experience what is happening on the other side of the door and get some fresh air.

17. Have a big clear out

Everyone has loads of stuff that they don't need anymore that takes up space in their house. Clear all of those things out and take them to a charity shop. Trust us, those shoes no longer suit you anymore.

18. Make time for friends and family

At the end of the day, it is the people who are closest to us that matter the most. Keeping in touch with friends and family is a vital thing that we often neglect. You don't have to do everything together but a phone call every now and again wouldn't go amiss.


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