'Welcome to America, b****': Mother lashes out at at Asian woman in racist rant

Jose Amatute / YouTube

Another day, another racist rant in America. This time, a woman has unleashed a foul mouthed tirade at another woman on the subway in New York City.

In a two minute clip posted to YouTube by user Jose Amatute, which has now had nearly 300,000 views, a black woman can be seen ranting and swearing at an Asian woman, apparently because her young daughter was forced to give up her seat.

"He didn't get up for me, he didn't get up for me because my daughter black. He didn't get up for me to sit with my daughter," the woman rants at the beginning of the clip.

An Asian woman, who is the target of the tirade, then asks her to calm down, however the black woman continues aggressively ranting.

F*** you!

The Asian woman then tells the lady to mind her language, and the woman responds:

Mind your a** and move it, before I kick you! B**** I will move you off of that seat, try me. Move away from my daughter. Push her, push her, push her off the seat.

The woman's daughter then pushes the Asian woman off the seat, and the black woman begins to attack her physically, pushing her to the ground.

Don't play with my daughter! That's my child!

The Asian woman once again asks her to mind her language, and says that she will call the police.

F*** your language! F*** the police! Tell her what she did wrong! She pushed my child out of the seat!

The woman then turns racist in her tirade:

This ain't your country! Welcome to America! Gangster welcome to Brooklyn b****!

She trying to put my daughter out of her seat, cos my daughter Spanish, and she Chinese!

You going to get up, for her to sit down! You're right I am crazy, b**** I spit at you! You got me f***** up! Welcome to America we ain't p**** neither b****! 

She then notices that the tirade is being filmed and shouts, "What you recording my d*** in your mouth!"

The racist tirade comes hot on the heels of a number of racist incidents in America that have been filmed, and subsequently have gone viral.

Earlier this week, a 29-year-old estate agent was fired after launching into a racist rant aimed at a bouncer outside a club in Brooklyn, and in May, a Manhattan lawyer made international news when he shouted racist slurs at customers and staff in a restaurant because they were speaking Spanish.

This is America.

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