<p>Football players are shocked by the news — some even questioning their futures in the league.</p>

Football players are shocked by the news — some even questioning their futures in the league.

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The NFL has enacted strict new rules regarding Covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players, and some football players aren’t pleased. While the vaccine is not necessarily required, the league’s newly instated protocols could make things unpleasant for players opting not to get the jab — as well as their teammates, and any team they may possibly play.

According to a new memo from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, moving forward, entire teams will be forced to suffer for unvaccinated players’ actions: Should just one unvaccinated player fall ill, their team’s upcoming games will not be rescheduled, and will instead count as a loss. What’s more, this infection will affect the opposing team, as well: In this scenario, neither team’s players will receive a salary check, regardless of their personal vaccination status.

Football players are shocked by the news — some even questioning their futures in the league.

Arizona Cardinals wide-receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who has publicly spoken out against the vaccine and has no plan to get it, took to Twitter to share his disappointment. “Never thought I would say this, But being in a position to hurt my team because I don’t want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the @nfl,” he wrote, in a since-deleted Tweet.

Some tweets, seemingly alluding to the situation, remain online however. In one, Hopkins asked, “Freedom?” Later, he comforted fans regarding his longevity in football. (We think.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Leonard Fournette also tweeted in opposition to the vaccine, but like Hopkins, also deleted the evidence. “”Vaccine I can’t do it…….,” he wrote. Unfortunately for Fournette, screenshots exist.

New England Patriots’ Matthew Judon took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction, as well. “The NFLPA “f***ing sucks,” he wrote, later clarifying that it’s not “about the vaccine” and we don’t know if he’s vaccinated or not.

Some players, like Los Angeles Rams’ Jalen Ramsey, came to the defence of players who won’t get vaccinated, however. “I won’t think they are a bad teammate,” he said.

Former NFL player Darius Butler shared his concerns, claiming the memo was “dead ass wrong.”

Jerry Hughes Jr of the Buffalo Bills, however, took issue with Butler’s statement, asking how Butler can question “top scientists” who are “trying to save lives.”

The two talked it out in some more tweets, in which Butler compared the vaccine to getting a new iPhone.

Hopefully there won’t be many outbreaks.

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