NHS worker will not leave job after lottery win
Marion Wood and Michael Williams (The National Lottery/PA)

An NHS worker has said she will not quit her job after winning her share of £1 million with a friend.

Marion Wood, 60, an NHS worker at Northampton General Hospital, won the Lotto prize with her friend Michael Williams, 67, a retired construction worker.

Ms Wood said her initial reaction was to exclaim: “I don’t know what a million in numbers looks like.”

“Working through Covid in the NHS has been tough,” she said.

Marion Wood and Michael WilliamsMarion Wood and Michael Williams celebrate (The National Lottery/PA)

“The amount of work has increased and, unfortunately, I have lost many family and friends.

“However, work has kept me going, I love my job and I won’t be leaving even after this amazing win.”

Ms Wood and Mr Williams matched five main numbers and the bonus ball in The National Lottery Lotto draw on March 12.

Originally both from Wales, they had a cup of tea “in stunned silence” after realising they had won.

“I’m a big tea drinker, so we had a cup of tea and sat in stunned silence as we absorbed what had just happened,” said Ms Wood.

Marion Wood and Michael WilliamsMarion Wood and Michael Williams won £1 million together (The National Lottery/PA)

“I didn’t tell a soul at first, I just carried on as normal holding on to the lucky ticket wherever I went.

“I kept the ticket in my diary, which I keep in my purse, until the lady from Camelot visited to check it and confirmed that Michael and I actually were big winners.”

Asked what they would do with their winnings, Ms Wood said she may treat herself to some jewellery “to remember how I felt when I won”, while Mr Williams plans to buy a car and some rugby memorabilia, as well as treat his family.

“Whatever we do we’ll be wise and make things comfortable, it’s an amazing amount to enable Michael and I to have security at this time of life,” said Ms Wood.

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