Facebook just hired Nick Clegg and people don't quite know what to think

Facebook just hired Nick Clegg and people don't quite know what to think

In news that almost nobody was expecting to read today, Facebook has hired the ex-deputy prime minister and former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg as their head of global affairs and communications.

The 51-year-old, who shockingly lost his Sheffield Hallam MP seat in last year's general election, appears to have fallen on his feet by landing a lucrative role in Silicon Valley, replacing Elliot Schrage at the social media giant.

The news, which was broken by the Financial Times, also came complete with an appropriate Facebook post from Mr Clegg, where he expressed his delight at joining the company.

Clegg, whose time as part of the coalition was at best mixed, probably wasn't the most likely candidate for this position and the news of his appointment has caused quite a stir on Twitter, where people honestly don't know what to think.

Some of the jokes are absolutely brutal.

It's quite interesting to read how the careers of members of the Tory/ Lib Dem coalition turned out.

Sheffield Hallam MPs also appear to have an interesting history.

These tweets from investigative journalist Carol Cadwalladr, who was one of the chief reporters on the Cambridge Analytica case, make for interesting reading.

Christopher Wylie who was the Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower has also had his say.

Even Nigel Farage can't believe it.

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