Nick Ferrari tells train workers to ‘be footballers’ if they don't want ...

As the RMT rail union prepares to strike, Nick Ferrari told one railway guard to “go and be a Premier League footballer”.

The RMT strike is set to cause travel chaos as rail workers strike to protest working conditions, job cuts and pay.

Speaking on his LBC radio show, host Ferrari was joined by a guest called Matthew from Stockport who asserted that the labour force has a right to withdraw it if it feels aggrieved.

Matthew continued: “It’s been democratically done, so we might not like that result, but it’s been a democratic process.

“Similar to the referendum – you know, some people didn’t like the result of that but it is a democratic process so we have to respect that.”

Ferrari then chose to criticised rail workers, saying: “If they don’t want to work on the railways, go and be… go and do something else. Go and be a piano tuner.

“No one is forced to be a railway guard. No one is forced to stand on a platform and make the announcements… Don’t do it, go and do something else. Go and be a Premier League footballer.”

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Matthew reasoned: “Not everyone can be a premier league footballer.”

Ferrari retorted: “Well there you go then. You’ll have to be a rail guard, won’t you?”

The guest once again pointed to the right of workers to withdraw their labour if they feel they have cause to protest.

People in the comments section of the clip were unimpressed by Ferrari’s view, with one describing him as an “ignoramus”.

One person wrote: “I think the point is that railway workers do want to work on the railways and don't want their jobs to disappear. Simple really.”

Another said: “It’s always the well paid who slate anyone wanting more…It’s always been the way..”

Someone else claimed: “Any racist pub bore could do Ferrari's job after 6 pints.”

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