LBC host says homosexuality is a ‘choice of lifestyle’ in bizarre Chick-fil-A debate

LBC host says homosexuality is a ‘choice of lifestyle’ in bizarre Chick-fil-A debate

LBC radio host Nick Ferrari has let his spectacularly reactionary views on sexuality and identity slip out in a bizarre on-air interview on Wednesday.

Ferrari was speaking to Benjamin Cohen, CEO of LGBT+ publication PinkNews, about the Chick-fil-A debacle.

If you aren't up to speed, Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food chain known for donating money to anti-LGBT+ organisations. It had attempted to open a branch in Reading, but it prompted outrage and the plans were swiftly cancelled..

Unsurprisingly for a man who claimed the 2015 Paris attacks were "a Muslim problem", he thinks Chick-fil-A having to shut down was "going a little far".

Ferrari's argument seemed to be that if we want "tolerance" for LGBT+ people, we should be tolerant of... massive corporation which makes $10bn a year and spends it on trying to deny people their human rights based on their sexuality or gender identity.

The use of "tolerance" alone betrays a woefully out-of-date attitude towards LGBT+ rights. Human beings do not need to be "tolerated", they need to be treated equally by society at large.

Even the producers of Netflix know that.

In among his rant, he uttered the absurd statement:

So you're all about tolerance, which is what you want for your choice of lifestyle...

Cohen was having none of it, and shut down his "tolerance" nonsense in the best possible way.

Well, Nick, I now don’t have tolerance for you because you just said that me being gay is a lifestyle choice.

It would be hard to agree more.

Cohen has since shared an audio extract of the interview on Twitter, which he called the 'most unpleasant interview that I've ever given in 14 years.'

Ferrari has let to offer a statement in regard to the criticism of the interview.

A spokesperson for LBC’s parent company, Global told Indy100:

We won’t comment on this story but thank you for giving LBC and Nick the opportunity to do so.

HT Pink News

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