Nigel Farage has now suggested he wants to see Brexit delayed after three years of saying the exact opposite.

Speaking to the BBC, the Brexit Party leader said, "We will never be able to properly break free of the EU if we sign up to this” in reference to the new deal negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He went on to say:

Would I rather accept a new European treaty that is frankly very bad for us? Or would I prefer for us to have an extension and a general election? I would always prefer the latter option.

Just a day earlier, addressing a caller to his radio show suggesting a delay, Farage countered by saying, “How many more times are the public supposed to put up with a can being kicked down the road?”

In March Farage said he would lobby EU countries in order to make sure one of them would veto a possible extension past the deadline.

Unfortunately for Farage, while such comments could be swept under the carpet, he has said the same thing repeatedly on Twitter and we have the receipts to prove it.

Oh dear. It looks like, after all that, he's changed his mind. Perhaps the people of this country ought to be afforded the same luxury.

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