Nigel Farage has refused to say who the big donor to the Brexit Party is.

On Iain Dale’s LBC show, Farage was asked directly who was funding the party and revealed that there was “one big donation” from an unnamed person.

But when Dale asked him who that donor was, Farage dodged the question by claiming it was “not fair” to reveal the name without asking them for permission first.

That non-answer has raised suspicions that the donor might be someone Farage is embarrassed about.

However, he did give a clear answer on who wasn't behind the party's funding.

He denied that Leave.EU co-founder Aaron Banks - the man who helped fund Farage's UKIP - was involved with funding the party.

And he also denied Steve Bannon's involvement, after a video resurfaced this month showing the former Trump advisor telling Farage that he would help fund a nationalist party.

When Dale asked him about that conversation, this is how he replied:

Dale: "There's a video doing the rounds of you in a meeting with Steve Bannon, where he says he would fund a new party that you're setting up. When was the last time you talked to Steve Bannon?"

Farage: "I haven't seen Steve Bannon for a few months."

Dale: "So no input from Steve Bannon into this financially or in any other way?"

Farage: "No."

Despite those denials, some people still had concerns that there was something dodgy about the party’s mystery donor.

And a body language coach also weighed in and gave Farage a less than glowing review.

If Farage has nothing to hide, you would assume he'd want to reveal the donor as soon as possible…

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