Nigel Farage, a man who is not an MP or no longer an MEP, has been interviewed on the BBC about the coronavirus, where he criticised the British government's response to the outbreak.

During an appearance on Newsnight, the leader of the Brexit Party said that the handling of the illness was "bordering on negligent" and used the example that flights were still arriving in the UK from Milan in northern Italy, where large parts of the country has been placed into lockdown.

We flew people back from Wuhan, we put them in quarantine. We flew people back from the ship in Japan, we put them in quarantine. Now, we couldn't care less. I think it is a real failure of leadership and if in a couple of weeks time we discover that many people in the country have been infected by travellers that have come back from northern Italy, there is going to be hell to pay.

It's nice of Farage to be so concerned about the health and well being of the country but it's pretty rich from a man who in November 2017 said that the World Health Organisation was just a club for "clever people" who want to "bully" people after they tweeted about the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

As you can imagine, in light of his recent comments, this tweet has resurfaced, with many asking Farage why he has had a sudden change of heart.

Regardless of old tweets, the fact that Farage was even asked about this subject has riled a lot of people.

Still, it's nice to see Farage showing solidarity with a European neighbour, for once...

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