Nigel Farage has said 'the real me will come out' now he's resigned and people are terrifed by what that means

Ladies and gentlemen: Nigel Farage has resigned.


The leader of Ukip - a political party whose primary platform had been to push the UK towards leaving the EU - seems to have stepped down.

In a media conference he decribed himself as not a "career politician", saying:

I have decided to stand aside as leader of Ukip. I now feel that I’ve done my bit that I couldn’t possibly achieve more.

However, most people are distinctly ill at ease because of something else he said...

In future, I won't be constrained when I answer questions. The real me will now come out.

This of course, coming from the man who blamed traffic on the M4 and stopping children from playing in the streets on immigrants, said immigrants come to the UK for HIV treatment, claims sex attacks on women will increase if we don’t leave the EU, and unveils poster campaigns that draw comparisons to Nazi propaganda - this man has, up until this point, been holding himself back?

The statement was followed by the mother of all cackles. Ominous doesn't even begin to cover it.




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