Nigel Farage just got 'knighted' by a small child who asked if he "hates foreigners"

Nigel Farage apparently wants a knighthood. Or maybe he doesn’t. It’s hard to keep track.

But whatever the case may be, he’s just been knighted.

But not at Buckingham Palace.

Instead, it was on Russia Today UK show Sam Delaney's News Thing, by a small child.

The little girl comes out wearing a crown and cloak, and then ‘knights’ him with an inflatable sword.

Picture:Picture: RT/Screengrab

And then the girl says this:

My mummy says you hate foreigners

Farage does not take that very well.

Picture:Picture: RT/Screengrab

The full episode airs on Saturday evening on RT UK.

Television in 2017, everybody.

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