Doctor destroys Nigel Farage for calling medical association a 'disgrace' for no-deal Brexit warning

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As Brexit nears, it seems like Nigel Farage being put in his place is becoming a weekly occurrence.

On 17 August, chief Brexit supporter Farage shared The Independent’s report on the reaction of medical professionals to a possible no-deal Brexit. Responding to the news that the British Medical Association have warned that a no-deal Brexit will be “catastrophe” for NHS and increase risk, Farage branded the claims “project fear” and the BMA an “absolute disgrace”.

But doctor Rachel Clarke was having none of it. In an epic Twitter thread, she systemically destroyed Farage’s claims, using his rhetoric against him while delivering a series of crushing facts and statistics. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

She ended on challenging Farage to a live on-air debate.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, despite the thread making more than 1.3 million impressions on Twitter in just 24 hours, Farage is yet to respond.

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