Nigel Farage shared a picture 'to wind up Remainers' and it backfired badly

Darren Richman
Monday 14 October 2019 07:15
Picture:(VICKIE FLORES/EPA/Twitter)

Nigel Farage has continued his charmless offensive by posting a picture containing a number of Union Flags accompanied by the words, “Share this photo and wind a Remainer up.”

The image is from outside of the Houses of Parliament where the flags have been hung to commemorate Monday's Queen Speech, so it's hardly a thing that we'll be seeing on a regular basis.

Anyway, Farage took this opportunity to try and troll a few remainers who might have been easily annoyed at this image, for whatever reason.

It is easy to mock Farage (fun too) but there’s a serious point here.

This is yet another example of a Brexiteer suggesting Remainers are somehow unpatriotic and it’s the kind of rhetoric that has proved all too dangerous in recent years.

As one might expect, people were keen to share their thoughts with the Brexit Party leader online and they weren’t all that complimentary.

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