No 10 shut down Trump's Nigel Farage ambassador suggestion - in 13 simple words
Picture: Jonathan Bachman/Getty

President-elect Donald Trump and interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage have developed a rather chummy relationship.

Farage joined Trump on several parts of his campaign trail, and even delivered a speech at one of his rallies.

In fact, towards the latter part of his campaign Trump adopted Farage’s rhetoric, calling a Republican victory an “American Brexit”.

Farage jokingly told ITV’s The Agenda that if Trump won, he’d quite like to be his ambassador to the European Union.

And while that didn’t come to fruition, Trump continues to be adamant that his British pal be ambassador to something.


A spokesperson for No 10 told indy100:

There is no vacancy. We already have an excellent ambassador to the US.

Sir Kim Darroch is the current ambassador to the US.

No 10 spelled it out simply. Although it could have been even simpler:


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