Nike has launched a 'gender neutral' clothing range and everyone is pointing out the problem with it

Nike / Twitter

In recent years, fashion has attempted to grapple with a vastly changing industry, ushered in by the popularity of social media and influencer culture.

Another area where the industry is attempting to keep up with changes is addressing its gender binary. Currently, most brands release menswear and womanswear collections separately. Though some are attempting to produce unisex clothing.

Sports giant Nike are the latest big brand to produce “gender neutral” clothing.

Nike’s website states that its gender neutral clothing range features “comfortable and iconic looks without gender distinctions. Including a wide selection of gender neutral jackets, trousers, t-shirts and hoodies”.

But eagle-eyed shoppers noticed one glaring problem.

The website for Nike’s “gender neutral” styles still labels garments from the range as “men’s” and “women’s”.

Twitter user @DanaVivianWhite, who noticed the error, wasn't impressed with the gaffe.

Other Twitter users had little sympathy.

So Nike, the message is clear: Just Do It better next time.

indy100 has contacted Nike for comment.

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