Colin Kaepernick: People are destroying their own Nike products in protest to their new ad campaign

Colin Kaepernick: People are destroying their own Nike products in protest to their new ad campaign

On Monday, Nike unveiled a powerful new advert featuring NFL footballer Colin Kaepernick.

The simple yet evocative advert which marks the 30 anniversary of the 'Just Do It' slogan, sees Kaepernick staring straight at the camera accompanied by the quote:

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything

Kaepernick, who is currently a free agent, hit headlines in 2016 when it was noticed that he was sitting down during the US national anthem which is traditionally played before the start of games.

He explained after the game that he was protesting the treatment of black people and other ethnicities in the United States by police and the overall racial inequality in the country.

The protests continued throughout the 2016-17 season with more players taking the knee or sitting down during the anthem.

This prompted Donald Trump to weigh into the debate, with the president branding the players as 'disrespectful' to the country, flag and anthem.

Kaepernick's unveiling as the new face of Nike's ad campaign has drawn the ire of US conservatives, who have long held a grudge against the athlete for using his free speech to highlight an issue close to his heart.

In a way of showing their disgust at Nike's show of support for Kaepernick and allowing him to lend his voice to their brand, conservatives have taken to destroying Nike products by either burning shoes or cutting up socks.

We don't want to point out the obvious here but we doubt that any Nike executives are losing sleep because a few people have destroyed some of their products which they have already spent money on.

Others are highlighting just how petty any counter protest to Nike is:

Regardless, experts believe that this business decision from Nike will only benefit the company in the long term.

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