Brexit is a right mess, isn’t it?

After years of hearing Theresa May say “no-deal is better than a bad deal” it looked for a second that, after presenting what almost everyone considered a “bad deal” to parliament, the UK would be tumbling out of the EU without a deal.

Though, thankfully – because of the ominous warnings of supermarket shortages, medication supply issues and traffic jams, amongst other horror stories – no-deal has been momentarily averted. May, at the very last second, has managed to secure an extension to Article 50 to delay Britain’s EU leaving date until October 31. Spooky indeed.

Though despite the fact that, for now, no-deal seems to be off the table, businesses have spent weeks preparing for such a scenario. Worse still, public services – already strapped for cash and facing staffing shortages – have also had to prepare.

It is estimated that £4billion has been spent preparing for a no-deal Brexit that now looks unlikely to happen.

This tweet lays out, in NHS terms, what that amounts to.

Others have joined the chorus of voices condemning how the handling of Brexit has led to public finances being unnecessarily wasted.

It looks like there was a magic money tree after all.

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