Theresa May and Angela Merkel laughing has become an instant meme

Theresa May and Angela Merkel laughing has become an instant meme

The only good things that seem to be coming out of Brexit negotiations are the memes.

Following an emergency meeting with the European Union, Theresa May has been given a six-month extension on Article 50, which means the new deadline falls on October 31 (so far the Halloween jokes have been pretty great).

After five hours of talks late into the night, leaders agreed to extend the new Brexit deadline until 31 October, with a potential summit in June to review the situation.

Before the deal was offered, Theresa May travelled to Paris and Berlin to conduct emergency meetings with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in an attempt to garner support for her deal.

It appeared that the prime minister’s trip to Germany got off to a rocky start – what with the German chancellor being absent from the welcome wagon- but they appear to be best buddies now if pictures of them giggling at an iPad in the Brussels parliament is anything to go by.

And like all things Brexit, it quickly received the meme treatment.

People tried to guess what the pair found so funny

Some suggestions were more outlandish than others...(though no less funny)

Others praised Merkel for including May in a joke, given the awkward circumstances around her presence in Brussels

So what were they giggling about?

According to reporter Laura Kuenssberg, Merkel had been showing May a side-by-side picture of the pair taking questions in their respective parliaments...wearing the same colour jacket.

You've got to take the Brexit banter where you can...

Earlier this week the German Chancellor threw her support behind a longer extension to Article 50, saying it should be flexible enough to allow the UK's departure from the European Union "very quickly" once the UK had approved the withdrawal agreement.

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