Isis fighters aren't shaving bears but for one brief moment people thought they were

Flickr/Régis Leroy
Flickr/Régis Leroy

Isis death cult fighters aren't shaving bears to escape airstrikes.

It's pretty much the only belligerent act the militants haven't resorted to in their quest to destroy the world.

But US news outlet NBC accidentally tweeted about ISIS bear hairdressers on Twitter. It was a beautiful moment – one even Goldilocks herself might appreciate.

Of course, what NBC News meant to say is 'beards'. Yes, Isis militants are shaving their beards off – and hiding in civilian houses – to avoid being bombed by Western forces.

NBC corrected its original tweet ever succinctly. No doubt the person behind it was smiling as they typed the five, wonderful words. It could well be a contender for the best correction ever made on Twitter.

But NBC didn't mention the fact bears have absolutely nothing to do with Isis' fanatic attack on peace and happiness in the name of misinterpreted religion before the Twitter reactions had poured in.

Many were drawn to do so after a few notable tweeters highlighted the classic incident.

Like an east London hipster pub, here's some of the bears, beards, and banter.

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